Nyheter 2022

1 July 2022


Serena Properties AB has acquired a development property in Tampere, Finland. On the property is currently a K-Rauta store of 8,400 sqm as well as 20,000 sqm retail building rights. The property is located next to IKEA in Tampere and the seller is Ingka Centres. Closing was completed on 1 July 2022. ” We are […]

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1 April 2022

Serena Properties acquires Heron City

Serena Properties AB has acquired Heron City in Kungens Kurva (Huddinge Kvadraten 2). Sellers is a joint venture owned by CapMan, Varma and Cavendo. Closing took place on April 1, 2022. Heron City is a shopping and experience center built in 2001 and covers 49,000 square meters of lettable area. The property has about fifty […]

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1 September 2021

Serena Properties acquire properties in Sweden and Finland

Serena Properties AB has acquired Jägersro Center in Malmö (Malmö Hästdroskan 1). Jägersro Center is a shopping centre comprising 27,000 square meters of lettable area, mainly consisting of retail. Coop is the largest tenant with just over 40 % of the area. The second largest tenant will be Dollarstore that will open in early 2022, […]

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18 December 2020

Serena Properties acquire commercial property in Norrköping

Serena Properties AB buys the property Bronsen 1 in the Ingelsta retail park in Norrköping from Eurocommercial Properties AB. The property has recently been rebuilt for Eko, which opened in October. The total area amounts to almost 13,000 sq. m., and is fully let to Eko and Elgiganten on long leases.

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2 October 2020

Serena Properties buys retail properties for SEK 650 million

In two separate transactions, Serena Properties AB buys four retail properties with discount retail and groceries in Sweden and Finland for a total of SEK 650 million. One transaction includes Moraberg Handelsplats in Södertälje and the other three commercial properties in Helsinki, Lohja and Kokkola in Finland. The seller of Moraberg is Eurocommercial Properties. The […]

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26 April 2019


Finnish Motonet has chosen to double its area in Lempola Retail Park. The property owner Serena Properties, together with the tenant, has agreed to build a new 4,500 sqm department store on a building right that Serena previously acquired from NCC. Lempola Retail Park was established in 2009 and has continued to develop strongly with […]

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20 December 2018

Serena Properties acquires Västberga Handel

Serena Properties AB has acquired Västberga Handel, Arbetsstolen 3, Stockholm, from Atrium Ljungberg. The lettable area amounts to approximately 18,200 sq. m. and the largest tenants are Coop, Systembolaget, Rusta and Jysk.

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8 March 2018


Serena has leased 4,000 sq. m. in Turku to Verkkokauppa.com, which is Finland’s largest online consumer electronics chain. This is their fourth physical store in Finland.

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8 March 2018


Serena Properties has entered into an agreement with CA Fastigheter for the acquisition of the property Armbåga 3, which is located in the retail park Knalleland, Borås. Serena will enter the property on April 1, 2018. The area is approximately 20 200 sq. m. with Willy’s, Systembolaget, Rusta, ÖoB, MediaMarkt and Jysk as the largest […]

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