About Serena

Serena is a property company in steady development with attractive properties in Sweden and Finland. With a long-term perspective as foundation, we manage and develop every retail property after its respective circumstances keeping future transformations in mind.
As a property owner we strive to cultivate close relations with out tenants and face both possibilities and challenges together. Through an active management and local presence, we create strong connections and an open and vital dialogue aimed at satisfying our tenants current and future needs.

Our properties

Serena ownes some 40 retail parks and retail centres in Sweden and Finland totalling approximately 400 000 square metres. Serena has a long-term owner perspective and are actively developing both current and new retail properties. Our major property investments include: Västberga Handel (Stockholm), Moraberg Handelsplats (Södertälje), Jägersro Center (Malmö) Lempola Retail Park (Lohja) and Kaakkurinkulman Kaupakeskus (Oulu). Click here for a map of our properties.


Redito founded Serena Properties AB in 2015 and the company is today owned by Fastighets AB Balder and Redito. Serena is managed by Redito.

Our properties

Serena currently owns over 40 retail locations in Sweden and Finland, where we are actively working to develop the offer and strengthen the location for both tenants and consumers.

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